Apple pie
- roasted apples

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Smelling the baked cake is one of the most beautiful experiences in the world ... Mmmm... Apples, cinnamon. Sweet and spicy ...
Apple pie is the smell of home, order, safety and closeness.

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Apple pie – roasted apples

Apple pie - roasted apples


A good host is happy to offer guests all of his prosperity.
A great host will make sure that they do not run out of anything, even out of season! Do you have any idea how our apple pie is made? First, carefully cut the apples into cubes of almost the same size, add a little sugar and roast them, and then serve in easy-to-open jars. And that's all year round!

Apple pie – roasted apples with peach

Apple pie - roasted apples with peach


It is widely known that a tasty dessert can overshadow even the most delicious dinner. If this addition is cookies with our Apple Pie - roasted apples with pieces of juicy peaches - congratulations on your choice!


The Polish apple pie “szarlotka” is named after the Empress of Russia, sister-in-law of Tsar Alexander I. The confectioners prepared especially for him a baking called “charlotte russe”, which soon became extremely popular.